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Welcome to Histoire Productions
Welcome to Histoire Productions


An immersive theatre experience based on the worst nuclear disaster in history.

CHERNOBYL - Where were you in 1986?

  • Experience the world’s worst nuclear disaster first hand – an immersive theatre experience that puts the audience member in the heart of the control room of the nuclear power plant on April 26th, 1986.
  • Immersed in theatre, cinematic visuals, sound effects and actual footage and audio, the viewer will experience events leading up to the core exploding at Chernobyl.
  • Feel the tension as Dyatlov and his comrades try to fix the situation all around you. Understand the human cost as we come to experience what radiation poisoning does.
  • The closeness of the actors is what makes this show unique.
  • The show is based on an original script that remains true to how the events unfolded. The entire evening is sound tracked using a mixture of original music written specifically for the show, as well as actual sections of audio from 1986 for example the evacuation broadcast from the city of Pripyat features, as well as the original phone call made from the power plant to the fire station.
The venue is transformed with displays and memorabilia and the first 40 minutes of the show is designed to allow the audience to move about the space, finding out more about the characters and the events leading up to the explosion. Using deep fake AI technology, projections and voice overs, we bring the audience into the world of Chernobyl, telling the stories of the people like never before.
The entire evening is sound tracked and played live, blending digital 80s synths, with modern film scoring techniques. Driven by piano and guitar, the soundtrack blends Dark mid 80s synth-wave with modern Hans Zimmer style movie scoring techniques, and a pinch of heavy Muse / Radiohead orientated guitars.
The performance starts 30 minutes before the explosion happens, the story continues post-explosion as accurately as possible as far as we know them to be. After the explosion, the plot develops during the clean-up operation, along with personal stories of what happened in Chernobyl and Pripyat in the days and months following. These stories are based on eye witness accounts and survivor testimony as much as possible.